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Now that we have finally reached the end of this triple release, I have sad news to tell everyone. As many of you may have noticed and commented, Loli-nee’s blog has been officially shut down. Due to the excessive number of lolis on the site, Loli-nee was apprehended. Luckily, however, she has managed to escape and is now on the run. She will not be opening up a new blog in the near future. In addition, as she is currently on the run, she will not be translating any more chapters of KnW. Please wish her luck as she escapes from her chasers.

This chapter, please thank Ghost-nii for editing and Leo-tan for proofreading!

Chapter 160: Coming to Like Hiiro

“There’s no way I could possibly forget. Say, Mimir, since then, have you met with the『Spirit』at all?” (Leowald)
“Eh……..I-I haven’t but……..” (Mimir)

Mimir stole a couple glances at Arnold, giving off a…

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