Note: The Immortals will be introduce in detail as they appear, at the moment they’ll be Immortal A-L
A transparent globe floated at the center of a large conference table, it showed everything that happened at the Demon Lord’s castle. The moment that a petty person touched gate, and turned into a chunk of cheese. Even the collar which had a powerful magic nullifying effect turned into a donut at his touch.

“Well, then…Now what?” (Immortal A)

Immortal A looked at everyone in a befuddled expression.

“I don’t know, this is the first time it happened in 1000 years. With all the safeguards in the place, unless a person collects the 12 Sacred Orbs, the Gate and even the castle itself wouldn’t yield. Even now, no has even managed to get there hands on even one of the orbs. The legendary beasts have guarded them well. But who could have thought that a person would be summoned with such a ridiculous ability.” (Immoral B)

“That is the price of summoning people from other dimension. Everyone of them will be given a random ability. Most of them, die right off the bat by doing something stupid. None of them would get such a random ability; with world breaking potential as well. He probably doesn’t even know what he just did.” (Immortal C)

“Get rid of him?” (Immortal D)

“That won’t do anything, and will be suicide especially with the former Hero around him. She’s probably looking to get back at whoever tricked her and locked her up in that place, and you all know what she is capable of.” (Immortal B)

Immortal B looked at everyone with a knowing glance.

“She doesn’t know who… right?” (Immortal E)

“With the number of proxies you used it will be a very long time before she traces it to you. I can help you if…” (Immortal F)

Immortal F smirked as he said it.

“No, don’t even go there we all have a grudge from the past. I don’t want anyone making threats. We have the Legendary Beasts to worry about at the moment as well, now that their seals has been released. They’ll not hesitate to wipeout the race that put a seal on them and locked them up for 1000 years.” (Immortal B)

“That isn’t the only thing that we have on our hands. If you look closely at where the castle was you can see a permanent uncontrollable rift. I don’t know what it will do but I don’t have a good feeling about.” (Immortal I)

“We need to find Edea then, she is the only one able to close a rift like that.” (Immortal H)

“Heh, good luck with that. We’re the ones that betrayed her, tore her soul into pieces and sealed her away in a magic device so each us can summon things from the other world for our amusement.Don’t you even remember what we had to do to set up this system?” (Immortal J)

“We are hated by everyone huh? Even though we brought a millennia of peace to the races here?” (Immortal A)

“If you think peace is summoning monsters to attack random people, get people killed in their pursuit for treasure, and instilling fear in everyone so that they have to work together just to be able to survive in this world then we’ve done a wonderful job!” (Immortal K)

“You agreed to this method; you’re part of this as well!” (Immortal A)

“If you hand kidnapped my people for you experiment. We wouldn’t have to deal with any of this!” (Immortal K)

“So we deserved what you did to us as well?” (Immortal L)

A raucous started among the table as everyone remembered the horrible things each of their races did in the past to the other races.

“Enough! We won’t get anywhere by shouting at each other. To make sure that everything won’t become extinct in this world we need to come up with plan right now!” (Immortal B)
“What do you have mind? We already hate each other’s guts, what could be worse?” (Immortal K)

“Several Generations have passed in this world since the War, there will definitely be people who forgot about what happened before, and could be willing to move beyond the past.” (Immortal B)

“Good, luck with that. I’m sure, my people would welcome the ones who took everything from us.” (Immortal L)

Immortal L looked at Immortal K menacingly.

Immortal B let out a sigh,

“You know what? I don’t care what any of you guys think and assume would happen. I’m not going to sit here and watch as the world comes to an end.” (Immortal B)

Immortal B said as he marched out of the conference room.

“What are you planning to do?” (Immortal C)

“You’ll all find out soon enough.” (Immortal B)

The next day a well-known rumor about a sanctuary filled with treasures, and wealth was scattered throughout the people. With the constant monster raids and a brooding war, there was nothing to lose and lots of people started looking for that a place; a place that they can finally feel safe from a world that was was thrown into chaos when Demon Lord was defeated.