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Chapter 159: The Red Robe’s Identity ~Arnold’s Rampage~

Frankly speaking, Muir was surprised. She didn’t think that she’d be hearing rumors of that person in such a place after all.

That person……..over half a year passed since she had separated with Hiiro Okamura. Half a year ago, Hiiro had said that he’d come back if he was free.

That’s why Muir believed in Hiiro’s words and trained desperately so that when the time came, she’d be able to fight alongside him. In order not to become a burden, she had trained hard together with her foster father, Arnold.

While thinking that it would soon be 6 months since their separation, she excitedly waited for Hiiro’s return. However, even after the promised 6 months had long passed, he had not contacted them at all.

As for their…

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