I’ve always wanted to practice my Japanese, since I had lived in Japan when I was at a young age. But since high school, all through university, I rarely had a chance to practice my Japanese. Now that I found something that I’m interested in, along with all the necessary sources to assist me, I’ll be making an effort to practice, learn, and translate Japanese light novel.

The one I’m picking up is a Japanese web series called “Konjiki no Wordmaster” post on http://ncode.syosetu.com/n7031bs . It will start out a bit slow but I believe with practice,  the translations will be faster and better. I plan to translate every web chapter.

I’m sorry for my inexperience, but I hope you will all enjoy and comment on the translation, (and probably the website as well) and ways which it could be improved.



23 thoughts on “About”

  1. TheFrostDude said:

    Yes! Thank you for picking up KWM! Much appreciated! 😀


  2. Tcjokki said:

    Well thanks man cant wait to see your hard work ^^


  3. sinopticos19 said:

    Which kind of Japanese characters is the novel written?
    One character is a sound, or one character is a idea?
    Thank you very much!


  4. you know ever time I see the status “Reading Chapter ??” it feels like a slap in the face like your saying ” I can read this and you CANT muwhahaha”. however looking forward to your translations 🙂


  5. Thanks for working on this! I hope you’re okay with me using your translations for the epub I’m making. Let me know if you want me to change anything.


  6. snowfall said:

    Thank you for taking up Konjiki no Wordmaster! From what I have read so far, it is an awesome story!


  7. Deadaluis said:

    Thank you NB I hope I might be able to help with some translations myself in the future I have been hammering away at my skills, I really have some trouble with the dialogue heavy sections mostly with who says what do you have any tips I may be able to be a backup translator incase someone’s daily life changes and or needs a break.


  8. Hey dude, do you take donations?


  9. “~ Unconcious” is that cause your finally done with final exams?


  10. Thanks for all the chapters, I want to know, can I help as well? My Japanese isn’t that great and I have some trouble with words and how to differentiate the dialog. If you somehow let me help, I’ll be really grateful. (my work maybe a little messy thought.) p.s have I posted something similar? The internet. Cut me off so I don’t know.


    • Deadaluis said:

      lol NB seems to be rather busy so IDK, but I do feel your pain when it comes down to the dialogue it is the Pits. I doubt you would not be welcome. (Don’t Qoute me on that.)


  11. Hi again, so I’ve come over to this page to ask if I can join the translation team for KnW….may I?


  12. odyssey said:

    lol your status……Gather Willpower what are you a Green Lantern


  13. Hello, i am here currently requiring your assistance for I, be able to receive the editor title for KnW. There are few reasons for my enthusiasm (mostly because i want to read the novel as fast as i can) Thus i am here right now. I am most grateful if you are able to answer to my request. Thank you


  14. NickDoyle said:

    i want to join in the project, what should I do ? my previous com(ment) was being mod for a long time so i wrote a new one


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