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Hmph, I hope you properly read my note on Chapter 118. This time around, give your thanks to Cross-nii-sama for beasting his way through both editing and proofreading of this chapter! *clap clap clap* All the stats and new titles were a pain.

Chapter 119: The Top’s True Strength

While Leowald clicked his tongue, he for some reason, made a gleeful expression. It was as though he found fighting to be enjoyable. It may be possible that the stronger his opponent was, the higher these feelings of his would rise.

(This is why battle junkies are annoying to deal with) (Hiiro)

Hiiro gazed at Leowald with reproachful eyes as he decided to name him Lion.

(But these guys……I guess I should to check them out, huh) (Hiiro)

As he thought that, he used the word [Pry]/ 『覗』 to view the others’《Status》. If they possessed this amount of strength, Hiiro figured that…

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