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Now that 113’s been posted, as promised, here they are! The 3 highly-anticipated chapters! But before that, I’d like to draw attention to my new title page that I’ve created in response to some of the comments I’ve been getting for the past couple days –> CLICK HERE

As amusing as some of the comments I’ve received have been, although some even bordered on being ‘playful’ threats, I should say it straight out: I’m kind of disappointed in some of you guys. For one, before you ask why I’m not posting something, try checking the other comments to see if I haven’t already answered the question. Next, hounding me won’t make me post it any earlier than I’ve already said that I’d do it. I put up my personal rules, and the reasons why I’m sticking to them on the front page of my blog. It’s pretty hard to miss. I even…

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