Chapter 37: Capital of the Beast Kingdom Passion

“What is wrong?” Aquinas, First Guard of the Demon Queen’s Cruel Brigade, said.

Right before him was the Demon Queen Ivemu, who let out a sigh.

He heard about of her decision, but he didn’t what the purpose was. The queen, Ivemu started at him intently and said, “I have a favour to ask from you, Aquinas”

Kilia was also beside the queen staring intently at him.

“I have a few more concerned, but it look like you have already made your decision” (Aquinas)

There was a glint of determination in her eyes, it was clear that whatever she planned to do has to do with the impending war.

“What is your favor?” (Aquinas)

“Well, it is…”






Aquinas listened silently and soon after widened his eyes in surprise. To think that the queen would say something like that.

“I see, that is something that you will definitely be able to do, your majesty” (Aquinas)

Aquinas accepted the favor like a bitter medicine. If that is the solution his majesty struggled to bring about then it is fine with him.

“Actually, this is something that fits your personality” (Aquinas)

This is also one of the method that Aquinas himself has considered before.

“Will you have no issues protecting this secret?” (Queen)

Her personality of trusting others is both her weakness and her strength. That personality remained with her ever since she was young, and she never lost it since.

Even so, Aquinas believes that it is a great responsibility to everyone around her.

“How is it Aquinas?” (Queen)

The queen wasn’t sure herself, but she felt she was able to make a connection and pass on her intent to him.

“Your decision won’t resolve anything?” (Aquinas)

“Nonetheless, that is my decision” (Queen)

“……………….” (Aquinas)

Aquinas returned the queen’s gaze. He knew, dejectedly, that whatever he says from this point onward will not change her decision.

Interesting, what happens to the queen as she go about this mission, will be something to look forward to, Aquinas thought.

“Alright, please give me orders” (Aquinas)

In response to those words, Ivemu took a sharp breath. Because if he says something like that, then it is clear that he agrees with her and will go along with her decisions.

“You are the Demon queen right?” (Aquinas)

Ivemu felt happiness from those words. Kilia was also faintly smiling behind her; she also rejoiced with the response.

“……I understand, please work with me, Aquinas” (Queen)

Aquinas bent down on one knee and said.

“With pleasure” (Aquinas)

With this perhaps, the Beast-kin, Gabranth, and the Demon-king Evila can start getting along. It is not sure, but lets celebrate it for now.


Capital of the Beast Kingdom, Passion. At the center of this city is a gigantic tree named, “Tree of origin, Aragon.” The whole city seems to expand out from there.

It was completely different from a man-made city. All the houses were made out of trees. The residents just hollowed out a tree and lived in there.

There was also a sparkling stream flowing through the city. There were even small fish swimming casually in it. The city seems to be built in complete harmony with nature.

As there was district named “The King Tree,” this was where all the royalty lived, with their castle like dwellings made out of several large trees bunched together.

Nearby, there were numerous residents and travelers who was making offerings and prayers to the “Tree of Origin, Aragon.” The last king of Gabranth, selected that tree as a symbol for the Gabranth and built the city around it. To the Gabranth, the “Tree of Origin, Aragon” is a sacred entity to them.

Once a year, the “Origin festival” takes place at the center of the town. Lots of people come from all around the world, especially children. At that time, if you climb the Tree of Orgin, you’ll receive a blessing from the tree.

It is believed that the blessing from the Tree of Origin, Aragon, will make the climber a strong, honourable, and respectable person. Such rituals has become a tradition. Generally, it is for the Gabranth children, but in the past there has been humas who has climbed the tree as well.

The Tree of Origin, is greatly revered by the Gabranth. Any other race who even touches the tree will be incur the ceaseless wrath of Gabranth.

“Well, that is what they say, either way never touch the tree in your human form” (Arnold)

With how intense Arnold gave the warning, Hiiro who is currently disguised as a Gabranth using the word ability [Copy], made sure to note is down as something to be careful of. That is to never touch the tree in his human form.

“I see that is how it is. It is certainly a very large tree, but that is not the only reason right?” (Hiiro)

While walking, hiro looked up at the tree; it was clearly over 200 meter tall, a ridiculous size for a tree. But Hiiro is unsure if you should appreciate a tree just because of its size.

“That is is not all. I’ve heard that if you are sick with a disease or injury, if you just touch the tree it will heal it. If you have baby that doesn’t stop crying, if you bring the baby into the vicinity of the tree it will stop crying. There are other mysterious rumor about what the tree has done or is capable of.”

“Huh, is that it?” (Hiiro)

“Is that it. If anyone came to this city they will all be stunned by the magnificence of the Tree of origin. It would be crazy not to appreciated it.” (Arnold)

“That is mainly for the Gabranth right, but I’m human being.” (Hiiro)

“…Well, that is true” (Arnold)

That was all, but Hiiro thought there was more to it. Either way, the Tree of Origin, Aragon, definitely something that the Gabranth would boast about.

Instead of hearing rumors about a tree, he wanted to know more information about what he wanted to do here.

“That aside, you came here with a purpose right, to meet that someone?” (Arnold)

“Right, yes, I’ve received their treasured honey from those people, so I have to at least fulfill their request.” (Hiiro)

“What, isn’t that the whole of point meeting the were-bears in the village?”(Arnold)

“Yes, that was the point, but if they don’t get the honey won’t they be in a bad mood” (Hiiro)

Arnold thought that bringing the sweet honey would create a better mood for negotiations.

“Still, the Gabranth has already started marching to war. Are you sure the were-bears aren’t already out hunting with that group?” (Hiiro)

The city seem to have a lot less people than usual. It is highly likely that all those that can fight have already set off with the vanguard in preparation for war. Currently, there is a high chance that only the minimal defence force is in this area.

“Hmm, I wonder…” (Hiiro)

“Hey, what do you mean? Do you mean the civilians?” (Arnold)

Unlike adventurers, ordinary citizens do not have enough strength to participate in a war. They are likely to continue living their ordinary lives.

However, Arnold shakes his head in denial.

“Well, certainly ordinary citizens don’t usually participate in a war, but many of us hunt and fight on a daily basis to fulfill their needs.” (Arnold)

“Is that true? Isn’t was a job for the soldiers?” (Hiiro)

“Everything is voluntary, but the Gabranth is a warlike race and they usually gather without anyone asking.” (Arnold)

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“That is the case but they responded?” (Hiiro)

“Probably…The army made a desperate request…” (Arnold)

“So what? If someone rejected the request wouldn’t that be the end of it?” (Hiiro)

“Yes, that would be the end of that. But there is also another problem.” (Arnold)

“What?” (Hiiro)

“That aside, lets finish one task first.” (Arnold)

“You are so full of yourself. So what is next? What kind of person are we meeting?” (Hiiro)

Muir looked at Arnold for a response. But for some reason Arnold was trembling as he was thinking of a response.

“What is wrong?” (Muir)

Seeing Muir ask that question, Arnold let out a side and said aloud.

“That person….is my master”