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Chapter 36: Demon King’s Resolve

Hiiro’s eyes widened as he saw a certain part of his status.

<<Double Word Chain (Unlocked)>>

As the result was as he predicted, his sense of expectation started surging uncontrollably within him. He wanted to test it immediately. However, for now his first priority was to ascertain its abilities.

<<Double Word Chain (Unlocked)>> MP Cost: 300

It has now become possible for Hiiro to chain two words. Compared to the single word invocation, this ability grant an exceedingly stronger effect when activated. Effective Range; Power of Influence; Versatility; even though all these aspects are exceptionally enhanced, there exists an adverse limitation. Depending on the word, words with incredibly short effective duration exist. Also, unless the image of the character is clearly imprinted in the mind when executing the skill, the word itself would not be able to be written.

In addition, should the writing of the two word be interrupted, the <<rebound>> will cause a 50% reduction in all status fields, as well as rendering the caster to be unable to use magic. All stats and abilities will be returned to normal after a 6 hour time lapse.

Hiiro: (This is another magic that has very strong abilities, but a nasty <<rebound>>, huh…)

If an attempt at writing two words failed or is interrupted, there seems to be a significant <<rebound>> effect in store.

Hiiro: (It reduces everything by half huh… Writing two words is something that takes time. Should I use it, I need to be extremely wary of my surroundings.)

Indeed, if someone disrupted Hiiro while he was writing, and if the opponent was a formidable foe, it wouldn’t be strange if such a penalty lead to immediate death.

Hiiro: (However, it is only this level of risk. As expected, it’s only natural as its effects are reasonable compared to the risk.)

Nevertheless, Hiiro was thrilled. It couldn’t be helped that he was looking forward to all the things he could do. He wanted to quickly set some time aside so he could be alone and try it out, or so he thought.

Arnold: “Ou~ Hiiro, did you also get something like a title?”

Hiiro: “Who knows, how ‘bout you?” (Hiiro)

Arnold: “W-well, I kinda think you’re completely to blame for one of these titles but, I want to have a thorough discussion with you about this. I got a title called <<Blade of the Wild>>”

Hiiro: “Hou~”

Arnold: “It seems that you can get any kind of <<Status>> correction. That’s what I got. How ‘bout you, Muir?”

Muir: “Ah, un. It’s just too amazing, I don’t quite know how to put it…”

When Muir read out her <<status>>, Arnold couldn’t hide his surprise as his jaw dropped with a pop.

Arnold: “I-it really rose, huh….your level…” (Arnold)

Muir: “U, un. I feel a little happy, yet a little sad ….I think?”

Her feelings must be in turmoil. Being at Level 34 would be the sign of an experienced adventure. However, the girl in question has never stood on the front lines and fought. And yet, the fact that she has reached that level would probably feel like reality has become faded.

However, the fact that her body had become lighter and that she could feel some sort of power inside of her made her calm.

Arnold: “Well, isn’t it fine? A level is a level. No matter how high your level is, I think it is better to be like Muir and be doubtful of your own abilities instead of getting arrogant and overestimating them.” (Arnold)

Muir: “R-really?”

Arnold: “Yeah, well, I doubt Muir will become overconfident, but just accept the reality for now. You will become useful if you work hard. Everything starts from here, is what I’m trying to say.”

Muir: “U, un!” (Muir)

Saying thus to Arnold, Muir returned a vigorous nod. Indeed, it has been decided that from now on, she herself will also fight. It is precisely because of this that she must think about how to become stronger in anticipation of the future.

Arnold: “We should be happy that our guild rank also increased. Yours rose as well, right?”

Hiiro: “Aa”

Muir: “Un!”

Arnold: “As I thought, forming a party in this place was a life saver, huh…”

Put simply, even if a person fights and the other members watch, their experience will undoubtedly rise.

Arnold: “Since it was thanks to Hiiro and Muir that the clay viper was killed, making a party was definitely a good choice”

Although Arnold was the one who made the killing blow, he believed that if he were by himself he would have urely ran. Thus, he gave them the credit.

Hiiro: “Anyway, I’m going on ahead. That’s…that, isn’t it?”

What Hiiro pointed his finger to was a huge gate that could be seen in the forest ahead.

Arnold: “Aa, that’s the entrance to the [Beast Kingdom: Passion].”

A few days before Hiiro and the others reached [Passion], the [Demon Kingdom: Xaoc] was wrapped in tension. This was due to a letter received a few days ago from the [Gabranth] (Peope of the Beast Kingdom).

The contents of the letter contained the conviction of battle. In other words, it was a declaration of war.


A large amount of soldiers of mixed ranks were lined up below the Demon Castle Terrace. Looking at this spectacle with a bitter face was none other than this Demon Castle’s Lord, the one presiding over the [Demon Kingdom: Xaoc]: Eveam.

With beautiful blond hair that fluttered in the wind, a youthful looking girlhad her slightly childlike facial features distorted as she was looking at the scene with her teeth gritted. Behind such a girl, her attendant, Kiria, who was silently watching over her until now began to speak.

Kiria: “Are you certain of this?”

Eveam: “…………..”

Kiria: “Should this continue, it would unmistakably turn into a war of total annihilation”

Eveam: “I know that!”

As if to deny Kiria’s words, Eveam forcefully raised her voce. However, after coming this fat, she herself was at a loss as to how to proceed.

Eveam: “To think that the Gabranth would move this fast….”

Kiria: “No, this was within my expectations.”

Eveam: “Ku…..”

Yes, she was not here because she had nothing left to do. She had also sent them a peace treaty similar to the ones they sent to the Humas (Human Race).

However, it was not even accepted by them. She had considered offering her own neck to quell the fighting, however, even then Kiria said that the beastmen would not stop.

As a result, she looked for other ways and tried various different methods to somehow establish conversation with them. However, it seemed to be a waste of time. A fool’s errand.

Incidentally, there was one message that successfully got through. This message being, ‘What are the Garanth trying to accomplish here?’ The reply from the Beastmen, however, could only be determined as ‘A decision has been made to eliminate the entirety of Evila.’ Only that single intention of Evila’s destruction was conveyed extremely clearly.

Eveam: “Why…did it turn into a battle…?”

Kiria: “It is most likely because it is the most effective method of persuasion.”

Eveam: “How!? Why do we have to determine everything with strength?! Power is naturally unequal! Isn’t it better if you use words that everybody possesses equally to debate rather than forcing people to submit with strength? If we talk things out, no blood will have to be spilled.”

Kiria: “…is that really the case?”

Eveam: “What…do you mean?”

In response to Kiria’s words of denial, the Demon Queen’s eyes widened as she stared at Kiria.

Kiria: “Words…are light”

Eveam: “-tch!”

Kiria: “Certainly, words are something that everyone has access to equally. However, in the first place, words are intrinsically empty in nature.”

Eveam: “Empty…?”

Kiria: “Yes. The heavy power of persuasion can be brought forth from those empty words. Not only can those words pass through a person’s ears, but they can also engraved into the minds of another. However, Eveam-sama, do you think such words without weight can avert war?”

Eveam: “T-That’s….”

Kiria: “Perhaps in a peaceful world without war, if it was a negotiation conducted with a trade business, then perhaps Eveam-sama’s method would be successful.”

Eveam: “…….”

Kiria: “However, this is war. People will undoubtedly die. War is not a trifle matter like a negotiations in trade. It is most likely the greatest obstacle you will face. Are you able to face that obstacle and carry all the burdens and consequences of your decision?”

Eveam: “That’s…..”

Kiria: “It is seems that you are still too naïve to become a demon lord. Thus, the will of the previous demon king will be succeeded by many. To begin with, the Evila is abundant and strong; a battle-hardened race. Showing such weakness to your own kind unlikely be able to quell their rage and anger those of your kind. Please take this into consideration…”

Eveam: “That’s enough.”

Kiria: “…”

Ivemu said as she grinded her teeth and clenched her fists so hard that blood started dripping from them.

Eveam: “I…just do not want to hurt anyone. Everyone is family to me. If that family begins to start fighting…how would that make anyone happy? But I…I’m powerless…”

From those strong willed eyes, a single tear slid down her cheek. She is the ruler of this land, and yet she was overwhelmed with the despair. Her anger towards the world was far outweighed by her feelings of frustration with her powerlessness.

Kiria: “Then, should we lower our weapons and surrender?”

Eveam: “”

Kiria: “It is possible that the Gabranth would understand our true motive.”

Although that proposal sounded rather attractive, Eveam could only frown anxiously. Looking at such an expression, Kilia remained indifferent as she continued.

Kiria: “However, in the case where that proves ineffective, the Demon Race of Evila may be laid to ruin without being able to do anything.”

Should they surrender, the Demon Lord will most likely be taken as a token of victory. Being stripped of her power and status, the Demon Lord would be imprisoned and sealed until ultimately being thrown before the populace to have them decide upon her fate.

In a more positive scenario, the complete annihilation of the Evila can be prevented. However, even then the possibility of the captives being executed is very high.

Furthermore, since the [Cruel Brigade] is too powerful to suppress, they will be a concern for the rest of the world should they be left alive. In order to take responsibility, they may be executed to serve as an example to the rest of the world.

But if she doesn’t surrender, a lot of blood will be shed. Even if Evila is victorious, there is a high possibility that the other side will not accept surrender until the bitter end.

While pondering the circumstances as such, no matter whether she advances or withdraws, blood will still be spilled. Eveam’s face distorted into an expression of suffering as she gritted her teeth. Seeing such a face, Kiria lowered her head respectfully.

Kiria: “I, Kiria, have made such insensitive remarks. Please designate the appropriate punishment for my insolence.”

Eveam: “It is fine. What Kiria has told me is accurate and indisputable. There is no need for such a punishment.”

Kiria: “…very well. Then, I shall add one more thing in closing.”

Eveam: “Eh?”

Kiria: “Rest assured that I, Kiria, will follow Eveam-sama no matter where you may go.” (Kilia)

Eveam: “Kiria…forgive me.”

For a short while, silence enveloped the atmosphere. However, in response to Kiria’s words, Eveam’s once gloomy face suddenly lifted.

Kiria: “Have you decided?”

Eveam: “Aa, I will protect [Evila]! Kiria, I want you to lend me you strength.]

Kiria: “…as you desire.”

A strong will dwelled in those eyes. There was no more time for deliberating. There was no more time for hesitation. Therefore, all that could be done now was to use the remaining time to fulfil her objective.

Eveam: “I will not allow my family to be slain!”

Stepping across the firm floor of the Terrace, Eveam headed outside with Kiria following behind her.