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Tense: Past

Translator: EnTruce

Editor: Thorsten

Proofreader: Leo

Read this chapter at your own risk. Chapter 153 and 154 are still not released. At least 153 is done but for 154 the TL’er =Elysion has disappeared and we don’t know where he is or when he will come back. Once again Read it at your own Risk. And welcome our new editor Thorsten .

Chapter 155 Unexpected Visitor

……Shudder !?

Liliyn asked Hiiro ‘did something happen’ because he suddenly dropped the book he was reading.

“No, nothing”


Hiiro who felt a shiver suspected that someone was staring at him. Furthermore, it would’ve been better if it was without the crooked feeling he was getting.

(……Let’s keep it as an imagination.)(Hiiro)

Wiping off the bad feeling, he once again laid his eyes on the book.

Hiiro and others were staying in a single room within the Demon Lord’s Palace. He…

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