Kiriko Translations

It’s done, so now I’m posting it! That wasn’t too long of a wait now, was it?

Just a few words about the KT chat on my blog…please, try to keep it at least somewhat appropriate. In the end, this is the Internet and I can’t really control what you say there, but do keep in mind that because this is the Internet, basically everything you do on it is recorded. To answer one of the questions someone asked, yes, I’m female. Does it really matter that much? Incidentally, I am also a cat, apparently. Feel free to give your thanks for translations with virtual yarn and fish.

Oh right, Nikki’s gender is officially confirmed as female with this chapter, so from now on (meaning, in future chapters), I’ll be using female pronouns when referring to her (yay!).

This chapter, please give your thanks to Cross-nii and Leo-tan for doing the editing…

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