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Chapter 92: United front

Camus looked at Hiiro. Honestly speaking, Hiiro had a hunch it might turn out like this after Camus had found the determination to take action. However, Hiiro closed his eyes and spoke.

“I have no obligation to help you.”(Hiiro)


“Nope, no way. I do not work for free. Rather, why not ask that Baba-… I mean small person over there?”(Hiiro) [TL: Babaa – Hag, granny ]

“I can hear you, you bastard… How about I put you in an eternal sleep? Nn?”(Liliyn)

A monstrous killing intent assailed Hiiro.’Hiiro hesitated, contemplating whether it was a mistake to correct himself by calling her small fellow.

“Although I don’t want to admit it, that person is strong. She can even clean up that monster without any problems.”(Hiiro)

“Oi, don’t drag me into this. Did you really think that I would bother…

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