Chapter 5: Quest end?

“Well that wasn’t too hard.” Reis said as they arrived at what seemed to be the final chamber in the dungeon.

In the center of the chamber was a table which had three orbs placed in a triangular configuration. One of the three orbs were missing. That could be why there were very little resistance as Reis, Elin and Claire made their way through the dungeon.

“Someone was here before us?” (Elin)

“Probably, though, I’m not sure why only one orbs was taken instead all the other stuff scattered around.” (Claire)

She said as she looked at the piles of gold, jeweled items lying about on the ground. All these things would be more than enough for someone to live a luxurious life.

“I wonder what those orbs are for though. Physically taking all the stuff in this room is going to be tough. Let just take the orbs. Claire do sense anything unusual in the room?” (Reis)

Her eyes flashed light blue a short moment, and then

“Well, it seem that the magic flow from the orb leads underground to something.” (Claire)

“There is something underground, but how do we get to it?” (Reis)

“Good question, I’m sure we could dig for the next 24 hours and then find out. How does that sound?” (Elin)

Elin finally had enough, they been going at this simple missing for the last 12 hours, and it was starting to feel like work. Not only that but Claire and Reis has been using him as the one who would trigger the traps that they found to clear the way. The traps were not very elaborate or powerful and consisted primarily of arrows and darts, which all bounced harmlessly off his fortified body. Nonetheless, every trap felt like getting pricked with annoying toothpicks.

“…Let us just take some of the jewelry and go.” (Claire)

“No, I didn’t come into this place just to pick up some spare change from the dungeon, there should at least be some sort of rare weapon or something…” (Reis)

“With what little threat we encountered on our way here, I’m sure lots of people have been here already and took all the good stuff…” (Elin)

“Other people?” (Reis)

“Well, this is where we found ourselves after the plane incident. I’m sure there were lots of other people who had similar broken abilities like us. That said, someone also came here before us as well and probably cleared out the monsters. We could just take the orb and leave it might be something useful.” (Elin)

“I don’t think it is a good idea. The orbs might could be used to keep the whole place intact or seal away some sort of powerful creature.” (Claire)

The moment she said it the orbs shattered by itself and the whole place started rumbling.

“What did you do?!” (Reis)

“N-nothing! But I did see something severe itself from the orbs.” (Claire)

“Let go! This whole place is probably going to collapse in moments. Grab what you can.” (Elin)

Reis didn’t want to leave with mundane things so he ran up to table and collected the orb fragments into a brown leather bag and dashed beside his teammates who just grabbed what they can reach and head out of the chamber, and eventually out of the dungeon.
“Ku-hahahah! Wonderful! someone actually destroyed the seal. I never expected something like this to happen. This Hero game will finally come to an end and we can put an end to those who looked down on us before” (Voice)

“What!?” (Girl)

The girl woke abruptly from her sleep when the voice echoed with more power inside her head than before.

“Oh, sorry to wake you up. But it seems that you wouldn’t have to go through as much trouble to reach your goal. Some irregular broke the seal, and now all my power is returning to me.” (Voice)

The moment the girl heard that, she thought she was going to dispose of her right away. But what came next was something she wanted to avoid.

“That said, your new task is to assemble all the various clans of Nyxes and secure the funds for war.” (Voice)

“War? But why!” (Girl)

“It is to prove our dominance in this world and protect our race, why else, child” (Voice)
“But that can be done without killing, that is what our-” (Girl)

She stopped before giving out any more details about the world she came from. But it was too late she felt a slight prick on the right side of her head as her mind was read.

“I see. You came from another world. You have no idea what our race has been through. The moment this Hero Game ended, we would either be exterminated, fleeing for our lives, or enslaved by other races. That was how our race lived for the last 30000 years.” (Voice)

She had no idea how to react since she was just thrown into this world, and soon witnessed the death of her father. She saw no meaning in putting her life in risk for a group of people that she isn’t associated with at all. Yet, because of the contract she made with the being, after a group wiped out the people that helped her family and her father. She became the being’s servant.

She expected at first to be robbed of her free will but the being gave her as much free will as she want and just listed some destinations that she needs to go to, and it was her choice whether to go there now or later. The being even helped her survive in the wild and showed her various spectacular places and events during the journey. This all could be a rouse to make her lower her guard…

“Hmm, you still don’t trust me do you?” (Voice)

“Stop reading my mind!…I don’t even know why I’m here…I don’t know anyone (hik)…the only person that I know died..and now I’m stuck with someone who can read my mind…and who could probably deprive me of my free will at whim…Why don’t you just do that so I don’t have to deal with all this…*(hik)” (Girl)

The girl broke out in tears. She enjoyed all the new things she witness on her journey, but it did little change her current situation; she was alone in an unknown world under the power of an omnipotent, all for the purpose of a war.

“I feel your pain…and yes I could do something like that but it isn’t something I want to do.” (Voice)

“Why? Right now, I’m nothing but a hinderance to your plans, all you want is the power that I have, so you can do whatever with it” (Girl)

She felt something like a sigh and the voice said, “You have no idea who I am do, or the origins of this world do you?” (Voice)

The girl remained silent.

“I’ll show you in it’s entirely and then you can decide what you want to do next.” (Voice)
She felt something inside her head and slowly went to sleep. The last thing she felt was something wrapping around her body like a cocoon, and the dream began.

“My name is Edea, one of the Gods who created this world…” (Voice->Edea)

“W-what happened?” (Terrance)

Terrance withdrew his hand from the door which changed into brightly glowing cheese when he used his power on it. The past three month were hectic, but the end was anticlimactic.

Since a week ago after mind and body numbing training where he got the crap beaten of him almost every day, finally finished, the group headed towards the center of the continent where their friend, the demon lord, was residing.

There were monsters that attacked them on the way there but they were easily disposed of by Ness and Elaine (Ness with his eloquent magic ability, and Elaine with her brute strength). Terrance expected dungeons castles and things on their way there but all they went through were open plains, lush forests, and large established cities.

Now they were standing at the center of a courtyard overrun with wild plants before the gates of a large castle. The gate was well decorated with 12 slots for what seem to be for spherical objects. There were fancy runes and and magic circles engraved on it.

However, right now there is a giant door made of glowing yellow cheese which was already falling inward from the sides.

The three behind Terrance all looked at it with a stunned expression.

“Hmm, looks likes cheese. Hehe. I wonder if it is edible…” (Elaine)

Soon after something round flew towards Terrance’s head. He wasn’t able to react fast enough and felt it lock around his neck.

“What the heck is this!” (Terrance)

He grabbed the choker with his hands which still contained his ability, and it changed into a ring of chocolate donut with glowing sprinkles on it, which with a light tug detached itself from his neck and then crumbled into the ground.

“That looks tasty…’ (Elaine)

Elaine said as some water started to appear on the side of her mouth. Cheese and donuts the best snack combination.

Before anyone can react a large shadow dashed beside Terrance and crashed into Jared.

“I’m so happy to see you again! I thought I would never see you again!” (Person)

She sounded like she was crying so Terrance remained quiet and turned around. Jared smile at him.

“Thank you so much! This is my wife Serin. She’s…” (Jared)

Before he was able to finish the whole place started rumbling and walls started crumbling.

“Oh dear, I guess you also destroyed the key as well. I don’t know how you did it but this place will return to the void very soon. Introductions later. Hold my hand! I’ll explain everything once we are somewhere safe.” (Serin)

She looked at Elaine.

“Elaine, don’t touch the…um…cheese and donuts, they aren’t good for you and you’ll..uh… get fat if you eat them.” (Serin)

“But…” (Elaine)

There was a red glow in Serin’s eyes as she said it and Elaine froze mid-speech. The reaction from a carefree Elainee clearly indicated that Serin was someone powerful in the family. It made Terrance wonder if it was a good idea for Jared. Then again, family is family.

Everyone held hands and formed a closed circle, and in a flash of white light they disappeared from the spot.

Moments later a dark hole appear at the gates of the castle and everything was sucked into it before a spherical explosion left nothing but a large crater where once the Demon Lord’s Fortress had been.