A dark elf with crimson eyes looked at a insect-like creature who was suspended in the air, with a smile on this face

“W-why are you doing this…we’re from the same~” (???)

An invisible force immediately crushed the skull of the person, and then limp body dropped onto the ground and dyed the ground greenish-blue with its headless corpse.

“Too easy.” (Dark Elf)

“O-ooh! As expected of our hero no one stand a chance against you, Gran. With your power nothing can stand in our way. Clear out the village and arrest any prisoners. Make sure none of them escape alive. The end of Nixs is near! ” (Dark Elf Captain)

Gran looked around at the remains of battle, bodies lay scattered about most of which was from Nixs; a group of people who looked human but with bug-like antennas, dark multifaucet eyes, and exoskeleton covering their abdominal region . He thought he would abhor killing but right now he felt only joy and adrenaline. The power to dominate another person at will was so satisfying to wield.

Gran didn’t expect to be alive after he destroyed the plane. It was a godsend for him to be welcomed into the clan of dark elves, who treated him like a Hero from the legends when he demonstrated his ability to control things from afar; He was provided with all the luxuries he could ever imagine and all he had to do was eliminate a race they were fighting with for a long time.

The more he used his telekinetic abilities the more powerful it became. The moment he joined the battle, it became a one-sided slaughter. Anything that he saw, he killed with his power even before the other side can react to what was happening. Armors, bodies and weapons shattered under his power.

The only opponent that was barely able to do something was the person that he just killed. That person had the ability to turn invisible and thus it was hard to track him down and pinpoint his location. But after scattering the blood of the fallen on the battlefield, the blood marked the person’s location and at that moment the battle ended.

The person even looked familiar to him, but he can’t remember who, maybe a co-worker or something; but felt like it was someone he hated. The only feeling he felt when he kill him was a feeling of him getting stronger. A feeling similar to being high, like someone who just leveled up in a RPG game.

I need stronger opponent. With this power I can do anything!

He grinned as he started walking towards the village.

Some distance away, there was girl sitting on the ground with tears flowing down her face. If a person looked her way they wouldn’t be able to sense anything at all. It was if she didn’t exist in that space at all. She saw the whole battle with her eyes, the bloodshed and ultimately the death of her father. She wasn’t able to do anything as those who protected and sheltered her were slaughtered in droves by the mysterious power that the Dark Elf wielded; even her father.

“~Child, don’t cry…” A female voice whispered in her ear.
Her crying stopped abruptly and froze in fear. She didn’t expect anyone to sense her presence let alone communicate with her. Her ability allows her to create pockets of space that only she has access to.

“Show yourself!” (Girl)

“I can’t do that child, just communicating with you drains my life. It has been a long time since I met someone with your ability.” (Voice)

“What do you want?” (Girl)

“I want to help you child, do you not want to avenge the death of your father?” (Voice)

“I-I can’t, you saw what that person can do how do you expect to go against something like that!” (Girl)

“I can give you power. Then, you can pluck him apart like what he did with your father!” (Voice)

The thought was enticing to the girl but looking back at all she went through, there was only darkness ahead. She had no idea what to do next.

*Sniff* “I still don’t trust you but what do you want me to do…” (Girl)

“Excellent~” (Voice)

Then, she heard something with too many legs retreated into the darkness of her spacial bubble. Somehow she managed to avoid something unpleasant.

“First you’ll have to…” (Voice)


“We are really good at this aren’t we, Elin!” (Person a)

“Indeed, this is a heaven sent, for us to finally be able to use all the things we learned at survival~” (Elin)
Currently, three people were fighting a large red lizard that was over 3 meters tall and 10 m long. It looked like a giant crocodile with red scales.

A large red tail whipped across his body and sent him crashing into a tree nearby before he was able to finish his sentence.

The person then stood right back up without a scratched and brushed away the shards of wood on his body.

“At least let me finish my sentence you stupid brute. And thank you Claire for starting a conversation while we are in the middle of a battle.” (Elin)

“I just like seeing you fly really fast Elin.” (Claire)

“Is that so? Next time, I’ll be sure to let you experience the joy of flying as well.” (Elin)

“I look forward to it darling~” (Clair)

“Can you guys stop flirting, I want to get this done as soon as possible, and do some more before the end of the day.” (Person C)

The Giant Lizard then swung its tail at Elin. Instead of being sent flying Elin, grabbed the tail and spun his body. The Crimson Lizard was lifted by the force and was slammed through several nearby trees before being tossed high up into the air.

“It is all your Reis” (Elin)

There was a white flash and the giant lizard was split in half. There was a light rush through their body as the monster was defeated.

“Yes! We leveled up again” (Reis)

“Great…can we go back now. We’ve been killing these lizards for half a day. Don’t you ever get bored?” (Elin)

“Yeah, we even forgot the main purpose of this request which is to find the goblins residence and wipe them out so they won’t attack the villages nearby.” (Clarie)

“I don’t feel like doing something like that. I mean you saw the goblins right? They have their own community, culture, and family as well.” (Reis)

“We killed the ones that attacked the village, you know?” (Elin)

“That is different, they came at us with the intent to kill. We can only reacted accordingly. I don’t see the point of killing them as long as they don’t attack the village. Also, we’ve sent a goblin back as a warning. I hope they heed it and never attack again.” (Reis)

“Then, what are we doing all they way out here? I know that you are not someone who would do the same thing over and over again unless it rewards you right away. We’ve hunted 100 lizard and gained probably 3 levels, the last level took 40 of them. I’m sure you know that than means right.” (Elin)

Reis just nodded casually and then pulled out a map from his backpack.

“I got this from someone at the bar yesterday when I was joking about dungeons and adventures unlike the residents at the village. He seemed to be a retired adventurer.” (Reis)

“Probably an arrow to the knee right?” (Elin)

“No, he just lost most of his companion when he tried to explore a dungeon near the village.” (Reis)

Reis matter of fact tone dampened the mood. He was someone that would do anything to try something new. The only thing preventing him from becoming a mad scientist is his consideration for all intelligent life.

“That said, we are here.” (Reis)

Several meters ahead of them was a cave entrance one that went into the ground. Spider webs practically covered the entrance, which clearly indicated that no one has entered it for a long, long time.

“You sure about this?” (Elin)

“Don’t worry, we won’t go too deep, we’ll retreat when we meet a possible threat. but with your indomitable body, and strength, my speed, and Claire’s healing and detecting powers, we should be able to adequately explore the place before heading back. I can’t wait to see what treasure we’ll uncover there.” (Reis)

Reis then without any hesitation walked towards the cave entrance.

Elin and Claire looked at each other, and then sighed and followed Reis into the cave.

Author’s note: I hope to get all 85 people on the airplane to have their own adventure and play a significant role in determining the fate of the world they are in. Enjoy!