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The Imprisoned Ones

「Did you say… War?」 (Eveam)

Eveam was repeating what had come from Victorias King Rudolf’s mouth. She hoped that she had heard wrong.

「That’s right. War」 (Rudolf)

It seems like he had no intention of making this conference a success.

「Wh-why? If we were to join hands we could avoid conflict, so for what reason would you willingly start a war?!」 (Eveam)

A stern expression came to Rudolf’s face as Eveam fixed her eyes on him.

「In order to destroy you… to destroy the 『Evila』, I have sacrificed many things. Soldiers, the people, and even my daughters」 (Rudolf)

Judom’s eyebrow twitched at the mention of Rudolf’s daughters.

「That is what my friend Judom said. That we should desire peace for the sake of my sacrificed daughters. That they would be happy if that happened」(Rudolf)

From his eyes, a single tear fell.

「But that is wrong. My first daughter Miti was still very young, but I think that she was a clever child. My second daughter Aselia had a very strong heart. And now, although not yet dead, my daughter Fara who has become a living corpse was a kind-natured child. Before they died, those girls said to me, 『Please defeat the Evila no matter what』」 (Rudolf)

Rudolf slowly met Eveam’s gaze.

「My daughters, and those who have been killed, do not wish for peace! They wish to see the seed of misfortune plaguing 【Edea】 disappear, by eradicated you 『Evila』!」 (Rudolf)

That was already an obvious declaration of war. And at that exact moment, the thread of peace that connected the 『Humas』 and 『Evila』 snapped.


The round table was abruptly destroyed. Aquinas jumped to Eveam’s side to protect her, while the human soldiers moved to guard Rudolf. Everyone simultaneously looked at the man who had caused this.

「Don’t fuck with me Rudolf!」 (Judom)

That was the 【Victorias】 Guild Master Judom Rankars. His fist stuck out over the table. That strong arm was quivering in fury.

「Judom, regardless of what you say here, this has already been decided」 (Rudolf)

「Shut up Rudolf! Why… What foolishness is this?」 (Judom)

「Bastard! A mere Guild Master can’t speak to the King like that!」 (Dennis)

「Butt out of this you lackey bastard!」 (Judom)

Terrific pressure began to rain down on Cabinet Minister Dennis and the soldiers around him.

「Hii!」 (Dennis)

Dennis pitifully fell to the ground. The soldiers’ reactions weren’t as extreme as Dennis’s, but they were also overwhelmed by that person’s presence and began to sweat profusely.

(A-Amazing! Is this pressure really that of a retired soldier?) (Eveam)

Eveam gulped, sensing from his enormous pressure that he was no ordinary individual.

(As expected of Judom Rankars. This pressure… He’s in the same domain as us…) (Aquinas)

Aquinas had once fought with Judom in the past, and he couldn’t help but give a faint smile after witnessing his extraordinary growth.

(Muu… So this man is the former SSS-Ranker called 《Impact King》) (Marione)

Marione also gave him a high evaluation. Kiria also stared at him with a thoughtful expression.

「Oi Rudolf, do you really understand the meaning of what you’re doing you bastard?」 (Judom)

「…Do I look like I have lost my mind?」 (Rudolf)

「Yeah, you do. At least, when you were younger you wouldn’t have done such stupid things!」 (Judom)

「And now I have matured」 (Rudolf)

「Don’t make me laugh! You’ve degenerated!」 (Judom)

「Y-you bastard! Again and again you speak like that towards the King!」 (Dennis)

「A retainer who can’t even support the King doesn’t have the right to talk!」 (Judom)

「Hii!」 (Dennis)

Again he glared at Dennis to intimidate him.

「And you lot! A retainer isn’t just about making the king’s life easy. A true retainer is supposed to guide the king onto the right path!」 (Judom)

Eveam, who was deeply moved by his words, could only stare at him and remain silent.

「If the king starts to stray from the proper path, a true advisor would advise him, even if he had to risk his own life! A king is not absolute! Even a country is not absolute!」 (Judom)

Aquinas whispered into Eveam’s ear.

「Observe him carefully. He possesses the qualities of a king」 (Aquinas)

Eveam nodded again and continued to stare intently at Judom.

「Something that is absolute doesn’t exist! Because of that, a king cannot make the very best decisions without the support of the people around him! To become closer to being absolute, to abate the mistakes he makes, that is the attitude that will bring us closer to becoming a good country!」 (Judom)

Everyone was silently watching Judom, but Rudolf closed his eyes and stopped moving.

「A king is also human. He still makes mistakes. But what you absolutely cannot do is make a mistake when people’s’ lives hang on the king’s decision! Why don’t you understand that, Rudolf! Your decision will cost the lives of your fellow countrymen!」 (Judom)

Rudolf, having determined that Judom’s speech had ended, slowly opened his eyes and stared at him.

「I am a king, a husband, and a father. My daughters’ lives… Do you think I truly wished to part with them, Judom?」 (Rudolf)

Once again he begins to cry.

「I see. If it was you, you would be able to kill your emotions and betray your family for the sake of the country」 (Rudolf)

「No, you’re wrong Rudolf!」 (Judom)

「Nevertheless, I am a father. The 『Evila』 which took my daughters’ lives want to live together with us. That peace… I cannot allow it. Everyone who’s family has been killed by them would say the same!」 (Rudolf)

「Those feelings are natural! But if someone doesn’t bear it, the whole world will become even more cruel!」 (Judom)

「You’re too late Judom. The choice has already been made. This is… revenge」 (Rudolf)

Taken aback by Rudolf’s words, Judom ground his teeth and scowled.

「You… don’t have the qualities to be a king」 (Judom)

「It seems, but even you will understand once this is over. That it was a good thing that the 『Evila』 perished. In the end, this will be for everybody’s sake」 (Rudolf)

Judom walked back towards Rudolf. Of course, the soldiers stood in his way. However…

「Step aside, you brats!」 (Judom)

The wind pressure released from waving his hand blew away the soldiers who were on guard. The Demon Lord was also bracing her legs so that she would not be blown away.

Rudolf had also sent flying as far as the wall, but his expression had not changed at all.

「Fuu, as expected of the 《Impact King》. My elite soldiers couldn’t even act as a shield」 (Rudolf)

「…Grit your teeth」 (Judom)


「Gafu!」 (Rudolf)

Judom struck Rudolf’s face with a hook and blew him away, crashing into the wall. Blood flowed from his mouth but still he did not feel any fear. He spoke while he was still collapsed on the ground.

「…No matter what you do, it has already started. No one can stop it now」 (Rudolf)

Saying that while wiping the blood from his mouth, Dennis and the soldiers rushed over to protect the king.

「…Oi Portnis」 (Judom)

「What is it, Judom?」 (Portnis)

Judom spoke to the High Priest Portnis. {An odd name but there aren’t many alternatives. ポートニス}

「It’s impossible to escape from this room for twenty-four hours, right? Is there no other method?」 (Judom)

Originally, the staff in Portnis’s hand had the jewel 《Hero’s Relic》 embedded in its tip which allowed one to exit freely, but as it had been destroyed, the only way to leave would be when the barrier weakened after twenty-four hours.

「That’s right… If we had another 《Hero’s Relic》 we could, but…」 (Portnis)

「…We don’t have one right now, huh」 (Judom)

Judom looked over to the Demon Lord’s side, but judging by their reaction they didn’t have one. It was unlikely that Rudolf’s side was carrying one either. If it were to be used then anyone would be able to leave the barrier, so there would be no merit for them to bring one in with them.

There was some deeper meaning in keeping the Demon Lord and her forces imprisoned here for twenty-four hours. They had wagered that the Demon Lord would not kill them. If they did then the Demon Lord’s ideals would collapse. Therefore this place was both safe and dangerous to them.

「Is there another method?」 (Judom)

「Let’s see… Information from outside is completely cut off from here, so we have no way to know what’s happening outside. Similar to us, people outside have no way of knowing about any abnormalities inside」 (Portnis)

「Shit…」 (Judom)

「However」 (Portnis)

「What? Is there something else?」 (Judom)

「Yes. If, in the event that someone outside notices the abnormality and opens the barrier with the 《Hero’s Relic》…」

「…Rather unlikely. If no one knows the situation in here, no one would come to help」

Judom grit his teeth as he spoke his thoughts.

「Did I not tell you? Anything you do is futile. This 《Sacred Room》 has been thoroughly investigated and was determined to be the perfect location to hold the conference in order to carry out this plan. There’s not a single imperfection」 (Rudolf)

「Kuh… Answer me Rudolf, you bastard. Where are the Heroes right now?」 (Judom)

「…Do you not already have a rough idea?」(Rudolf)

A smile came to Rudolph’s face as he asked.

「At the border?」 (Eveam)

That answer came from Eveam. She had confirmed the appearance of the Heroes with her own eyes. But Rudolf laughed scornfully.

「Fufufu… You’re way off the mark Demon Lord」 (Rudolf)

「What?」 (Eveam)

「Allow me to tell you. My strongest war potential right now… is at 【Demon Capital: Xaos】」 (Rudolf)

「Wha-?!」 (Eveam)

With just that one comment the faces of everyone on the Demon Lord side turned to shock.

「Fufufu, allow me to tell you another shocking truth. Not only the Heroes, but many 『Gabranth』 are headed to the 【Demon Country】. The National Army of the 【Beast Kingdom, Passion】」 (Rudolf)

「What did you say?!」 (Eveam)

「Fool! That’s impossible! The bridge was destroyed!」 (Marione)

That shout was from Marione. As he says, the only connection between the 『Evila』 and 『Gabranth』 was destroyed by Eveam. It’s unthinkable that the army would be able to cross over to the Evila Continent.

「Fufufu, it’s an alliance」 (Rudolf)

「…Rudolf, you…」 (Judom)

「We 『Humas』 and 『Gabranth』 have formed an alliance」 (Rudolf)

Those words left everyone on Eveam’s side with a shock, like they had been struck by a hammer.

「Th-that’s…」 (Eveam)

Eveam’s voice was trembling as she let out a murmur.

「That’s right. Right about now the Evila Continent is in the midst of war」 (Rudolf)