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Chapter 147 – Hiiro’s Mission

Hearing the name of the ex-demon lord, Taishi once again realised that they got involved in something ridiculous.

They had heard rumours about the ex-demon lord from Rudolph, the King of 【Victorias】.

He had an inhuman and unparalleled cruel personality, just hearing those words had sent a shiver down his spine. Though, they had never thought that he would be a child, but all their doubts were discarded the moment they saw Teckil’s expression.

For this reason, the shivers they had from before didn’t stop. Right now, the lives of Taishi and others were in the palms of his hand. Avoros could easily crush them anytime.

Chika trembled as her face became pale. Thinking how did it come to this, Taishi closed his eyes and grit his teeth. The teeth make chattering sound while grinding. Taishi realised…

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