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Tense: Past

Chapter 146 – Ex-Demon Lord Avoros

As they heard the words from Teckil, Taishi and Chika both froze.

“Eh……Hey, Taishi. The Demon Lord is a girl, right?”(Chika)

“Ah-Aah……that’s what I’ve heard from the King……”(Taishi)

Towards the two people who were bewildered, Teckil showed a wry smile.

“Ah, that way of speaking was a mistake. He is a Demon Lord, but from before. In other words, he is the ex-Demon Lord.” (Teckil)

“E, ex-Demon Lord?”(Taishi)

Taishi, opened his eyes wide and stared at the boy. The boy was still smiling as if he was having fun.

“At that time, when ‘that’ appeared before my eyes……it was also your doing, right-su?” (Teckil)

“Ahaha, don’t you miss it? But, it did mature, and you killed it one time already. Though, in the old days ‘that’ was only dealing with you with just one hand.”…

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