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Editor: Sakkun | NB

Proof Reader: Leo-tan

Tense: Past

Chapter 145 – The Mysterious Boy

Involuntarily, Taishi stood up and entered a combat stance. It was only natural. The opponent, was an 『Evila』 and to top it off, a person who had  top-class power. Taishi’s reaction was only normal.

I’m a hero, and in hopes of gaining control of 『Evila』, I came to 【Demon City・Xaos】.  Then the war broke out.

As he started to think, he understood that it wouldn’t be strange for Teckil to come and kill him, since Taishi was a hero after all. Such thoughts caused his face to turn pale.  Seeing Taishi in such a state, Teckil shrugged his shoulder.

“You can relax, it’s not like I’m thinking of killing you-su.” (Teckil)

“Wha-, Why?” (Taishi)

“I didn’t receive an order like that-su~.” (Teckil)

“Order?” (Taishi)

“That’s right-su. I haven’t received any…

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