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Hai, hai, I know, I know. 131 has been released. Which means 132 should now be released. I did say I’d do it within 24 hours. So here it is!

For this chapter, once again, please thank Cross-nii-sama for both editing and proofreading it! Thanks for waiting, here’s Chapter 132~nya!

Chapter 132: The Separated Heroes

“Your levels do appear to be quite high but….you know, the battlefield isn’t a playground. With that degree of resolve, do you really think that you’ll really be able to return safely? From what I’ve seen, you don’t appear to have even seen people die before?” (Ornoth)

“…………………..” (Chika)

Chika froze as though she was at a loss for words.

“Or could it be that the king who sent you all simply treated you as pawns to be thrown away?” (Ornoth)
“Th-there’s no way that could be true!” (Chika)

She vehemently raised her voice in denial.

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