Translator: Pummels
Editors: Dal, Porky
Proofreaders: Sakkun

How to deal with Zombies

”You’re the ones who started this War. Shouldn’t you have been prepared for this outcome?”(Hiiro)

Hiiro looked down on Crouch with cold eyes.

“Kuh… Nyahaha… Can’t help it, nya…. I was the weaker one… Nya.” (Crouch)

In this situation where you would normally tremble in fear, Crouch was smiling happily. Seeing that, Hiiro felt like sighing again.

“You aren’t planning on saying something like ‘I don’t want to die’, are you?”(Hiiro)
“Nyahaha, I won’t say anyathing(anything) that boring, nya.” (Crouch)
“Hou, you’ve sure got guts. As expected of a Battle Junkie.” (Hiiro)
“But, remember this, nya.” (Crouch)
“Hmm?” (Hiiro)
“I may have lost this time, but if I’m given another, I will certainly win, nya!” (Crouch)

It was shocking how much of a battle maniac Crouch was. As those seemed to be Crouch’s last words, Hiiro slowly raised…

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