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Well, now that we’re at the last chapter of this triple release, I’ll make another announcement! You may have already heard/seen it, but the KnW translation group has made a blog for the various…..exchanges we’ve had online. It has little to nothing to do with KnW itself, but the skits and sketches make for a fun read if you have free time. We also have some other…plans for it, so please look forward to that!

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For this chapter, please thank Uni-chan (Dal) and Leo-tan for editing and Loli-nee for proofreading!

Chapter 127: Lightning and Darkness

Although Hiiro, who was imprisoned by Crouch’s《Shadow Prison》, was surprised at the tentacle that had suddenly appeared from the shadows, after being dragged into the shadows, he was relatively calm.

(I can’t breathe……huh. On the other hand…..) (Hiiro)

His eyes were gradually adjusting enough to see the figures of gigantic wriggling shadows in…

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