Kiriko Translations

Well, they’re finally done and here they are! Another triple release from 125-127!!

….but before that, I have to make a small comment about…well, comments.

Generally speaking, I don’t really ‘moderate’ comments on this blog. For the sake of ‘freedom of speech’, and to let readers see ‘the good and the bad’, I don’t prevent the post of any comments unless it contains the personal info of someone. That being said, it doesn’t mean I don’t read any comments at all – they do appear in my notifications after all. I recently received a comment made jokingly by a troll (and yes, I know it was a joke.), but the subject matter was, to put it lightly, inappropriate. I initially ignored it, but then later on addressed the issue in the troll’s second comment (which was a joke that could be taken as a joke). This was probably a mistake, as some commenters…

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