Translations: Caps
Editing: Caps
Proofreading: LoliQ + Leo

Notes before reading
First and foremost, I apologize for the delay. RL kicked it up a notch and I failed to keep track of the status of the chapters prior to this one. I did say that I would have it done by “at least Saturday“, but it seems like I gave everyone the impression that it would be released on Saturday.

There were posts on my main Konjiki no Wordmaster page critiquing the length of time the translating, editing, and proofreading process takes. Which is good! Dissatisfaction means that we still have room to improve!
I just want to say that the team is aware of how long the editing and proofreading process has taken as of late. It’s been getting difficult recently, not as a team, but as individuals IRL. Everyone has their own responsibilities IRL and they…

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