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Beginning of War

At the same time, an abnormal situation was occurring at 【Xaos】. Armored troops broke inside the country and began to cast spells everywhere. As buildings had been damaged from these attacks, people were desperately trying to escape in the midst of the chaos caused by the sudden assault.

It went without saying that the soldiers in charge of defending the country went to repel the attack, but the difference in numbers and strength was overwhelming. And above all-.

“W-What in the hell are they doing here!?”(Soldier A)

“Where in the hell did all of them come from. There is just so many of them!?”(Soldier B)

The soldiers were completely confused. The ones who were attacking their country were a force clearly commanded with great leadership. And, above all else, the ones attacking them were the 『Gabranth』.

Since the bridge between the…

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