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Not really sure what to say, so I’ll just put up the chapter I guess. Once again, thank you to Cross-nii-sama for editing and proofreading the chapter!

Chapter 104: King Rudolf’s Motive

“…….what might this be?” (Rudolf)

Everyone’s glances gathered upon Rudolf.

“This 《Sacred Room》is easy to enter, but to exit, it requires the permission of the head priest” (Rudolf)
“…….that’s how it would appear to be” (Portnis)

But Portnis wondered why she suddenly asked such a question as she slightly inclined her head.

“And the number of people that can enter, including the Head Priest-dono, is 13 people correct?” (Rudolf)
“……..haa” (Portnis)
“Furthermore, no information at all can enter in from the outside……it certainly is a room worthy of being called a separating space” (Rudolf)

Judom knitted his eyebrows at Rudolf’s words.

(Rudolf…….just what are you………?) (Judom)

That was something that everyone here, no, since the Cabinet Minister next…

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