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Rebound of Word Magic

Right after Rigund disappeared, Jin-u, who was healed with the word 『Complete Recovery』 | 『完治』, opened his eyes. Camus filled him in on the details. Jin-u ground his teeth as he regretted being unconscious the entire time this was happening.

“That’s how it turned out… but for Rigund-sama to smile in his last moments…” (Jin-u)

“……Un” (Camus) [‘Un’ – Yes]

Jin-u closed his eyes and looked up, seeming to experience a flood of emotions, after which he exhaled softly.

“Thank goodness. Chief… sorry for causing you trouble.” (Jin-u)

“No. The one who should apologize… is me. Sorry… if I had been ready from the start…” (Camus)

“Chief…” (Jin-u)

“But, there is something that bothers me.” (Camus)

“What is it?” (Jin-u)

“What happened… to your wounds?” (Camus)

“A, aa… About that…” (Jin-u)

At that moment, Jin-u glanced at Hiiro…

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