ELYSION Translation

Translator: ELYSION

Editor: XCrossJ

(E: ELYSION, I know you wanna pump out releases quickly, but try and slow down a bit. Sometimes, the translation’s meaning got slightly lost. Still, good job.)

(TL : Yeah, I finish it as fast as I could. Sometimes, I skip reading the details bit and just write it. Guess I need to slow down a bit.)

Hiiro and Camus stood atop the desert after leaving the Oasis with Jin-u’s guidance. Wondering what’s going on, those of the <Ashura Tribe> came to observe. Among said observers were kids.

The children are, of course, cheering for Camus. As for Hiiro-

“Good luck, my Comrade !” (Silva)
“D-Do your best ! Hiiro-sama !” (Shamoe)

Silva and Shamoe cheered for him, yet, he twitched at Silva’s support.

(Who the hell is your comrade….?) (Hiiro)

Of course, Hiiro understood that he meant the comrade of Liliyn’s fanclub. If he hit Silva, he will…

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