Chapter 89:

Translator: XCrossJ


Oh boy. Finally, we get a good fight.

And it only took us…a long time.

Meh. Enjoy.


Disclaimer: The topic discussed below is not meant to be an attack/criticism on anyone. It is purely made to address a concern that has started to seep into the TL team. If this does indeed offend some, I apologize profusely for the wrath that I have incurred as I go off and play Toukiden while watching T.V.

Alright. I’m gonna borrow ELYSION’s Class (Hater’s Magnet in case you didn’t know) and bring this topic up because I feel that it’s something that needs to be addressed.

Our Translation Team has really expanded, no doubt thanks to readers like you guys. We’ve now got 8-9 people on the project.

Because of this, however, I’ve noticed that the translations have started to become a little…disorganized.

Now, although I’m not a perfectionist, I believe that there should be some sort of quality control in this project. After all, if we’re doing it, we may as well strive to make it great so you guys can have the best reading experience.

While I’ve talked with NB and he seems to share my sentiments, as the team expanded, it’s gotten harder to ensure quality in each chapter. Especially since our editing team has been limited and crippled (I understand Dalmenuis. It’s not your fault that your laptop/net broke down).

Now then. Why am I telling you this? Because I’d like to collect your thoughts on this matter.

Now, I’m not expecting us to change so quickly based on your answers. I’m not even sure if we’ll be changing at all. I just want to give you guys, the readers, a chance to have a say about what you’d like from us.




Also, if you’re interested in the other TL’s views, here they are (as far as I can tell. You’re probably better off asking them yourselves):

NetBlazer (NB): Prefers Quality over Quantity

ELYSION (EL): Wants to produce a large quantity of Trans very quickly

Yoraikun (YK): Quick Quality. (XJ: No, we cannot all be like Yorai-sama.)

XCrossJ (XJ): Does this for a hobby, but can’t help translating meticulously… Primarily focuses on Quality, but tries to pump them out quickly…

CapsUsingShift (Caps): Does this for a hobby. Translates in spare time. Quality.

Dalmenuis (Dal): Quality (I think?)

Pummel (Pum): ? (Don’t know. Haven’t had the chance to find out)

Loliquent (Loli): ? (Same as Pummel)