ELYSION Translation


(1.25 hour)

  • the blade that the bishounen is holding is 曲刀
  • Chapter 81 and 82 is done. But they haven’t uploaded it. I dont know why.

After I walked for a while, I saw an entrance to the desert.

(This is <Raohrb Desert> (【ラオーブ砂漠】) huh ?) (Hiiro)

The moment he entered the desert, he can feel warm dry air blowing against his cheek. Up until now, there was no wind that strong nor the daylight is this strong. It’s almost like he have entered a completely different world.

According to Silva, the demon land is almost covered in this. It’s normal for an environment to change drastically. It’s said that <Evila> race is strong because they withstand these harsh environment.

Hiiro can’t see anything ahead. Only the horizon. After they walk for a bit, they stop because of Liliyn.

“Oi, What’s wrong ?” (Hiiro)

“Kukuku, oi, Shamoe.” (Liliyn)

“Y-Yes !”…

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