Chapter 80:

Open Translation Contributors: CapsUsingShift, XCrossJ



Done another chapter.

For those that thought ELYSION was translating Chapter 81, he’s doing 83. 81’s become an open translation, probably because NetBlazer thought that we didn’t want to do any Chapters about the 4 Heroes. (This is my theory anyway. Not a fact. Not explicitly stated. Please don’t kill/sue me.)

I don’t mind them, but hey. It’s relatively light to translate and a nice departure from some of the heavier translated chapters… (I’m looking at you Chapter 76).


Oh yes. Before I forget, another poll. I’m just curious as to what people think. It may or may not influence future translations and it may or may not be important in the far off, distant future.


Also, if there are any accents that you recommend (if you want them), please comment below with your suggestions and provide an example. Thanks in advance.