Chapter 74:

Open Translation Contributers: ELYSION, NetBlazer, Victor Chen, XCrossJ

Alright. XCrossJ here.

So after what happened with Dalmenuis and my ‘collab’ so to speak, NetBlazer decided to try out a new ‘open translation’ thing. Basically, someone reserves a chapter which anyone is free to continue on. In the end, someone (*couch* me *cough*) has the honor of editing it so quality is still preserved.

It’s an idea that was proposed to quicken the pace of translation (I think?). I’m still on the fence with it, but it’s another one of NB’s ‘experiments’ so we’ll see how that goes.

By the way, we’ve got another member on the project. Please give a warm welcome to ELYSION. (Btw, for those curious, ELYSION and NetBlazer did most of this chapter.)