Chapter 52:

Translator: XCrossJ


Here we go again. Another Chapter Gap. Before you tear my head off, go click on the link. I’ve explained my reasons as to why I translated this chapter there. (And honestly, I’m too lazy to type it out or copy and paste it here.)

With that said, I noticed that NetBlazer’s dialogue format has gotten pretty popular. No offense to NetBlazer (or anyone else for that matter), I’m gonna keep my formatting style. Just a personal thing.

If any of my formatting choices bother you, feel free to edit and post somewhere else. Just make sure you credit me and don’t make money out of it. This is, was, and always will be, a free fan translation. (Until someone decides to obtain rights to it and make us wait for freakin years for the same work to be released.)(*cough* *cough* Yen Press)

(PS. When I say MY works I mean mine and ONLY mine. This is permission to take my, XCrossJ’s, works and edit/repost them. Not NetBlazer. Not CapsUsingShift. Not Yoraikun. Me.)

(PSS. My edits are not classified as my work. Ask the original translator about any particulars).

Disclaimers aside, it seems that Hiiro’s finally becoming the protagonist many of us thought he was meant to be. Hopefully, this may attract future translators.